Guiding Principles

When considering a marriage conference, it is important to understand what the teaching will based from, what the teachers and planners believe, and what the goals are of the people carrying out the conference.  To that end, we want you to know why Adore Marriage was started, why it exists, and how we hope it will impact your married lives.

God planted the seed that would become Adore Marriage in the hearts of Russell and Kristi Johnson in the mid-2000’s.  While so many marriages were falling apart around them, they saw the need to encourage and pour into couples through Biblical teaching and insight.  It’s only by the power of the Holy Spirit working in couples that Satan’s plans are defeated.  Through their music ministry, they have been able to work with many other marriage events and felt prompted to bring a marriage event to their own backyard, Myrtle Beach, SC.

2010 turned out to be the year to bring the conference to fruition.  Through, we believe, a divinely planned intersection with another couple in their life group, everything finally aligned and Adore Marriage was created.  The desire is to create events that will impact marriages for the kingdom of God — growing and changing couples hearts, restoring marriages after pain, and equipping marriages to navigate through life together.


#1 – We believe in marriage.  We believe God’s plan for marriage is the perfect plan – the picture of how Christ loves the church and gave Himself up for her.

Marriage is not a past concept.  It’s not cliche.  It is the divine plan for a man and a woman.  Our culture promotes the idea of commitment-free relationships and giving in to your selfish desires.  God designed marriage to be a unique relationship where both persons are connected to each other and connected to Him.  Through Biblical teaching and direction, we believe couples can become closer, not only to each other, but also to God.

#2 – We believe there is a need to invest and fight for our marriages.

Our world is chaotic, so we believe devoting time to work on your marriage is absolutely necessary.  We strive to create a distraction-free weekend with great wisdom and teaching to aid.  In addition, most couples wait until they have problems to invest in their marriage. We believe attending conferences, such as the Adore Marriage Conference, on a regular basis enriches marriages before the problems can take over and seem too difficult to handle.

#3 – We believe that marriage is the core principle of family.

Strong marriages are at the core of strong homes and stability for families.    Healthy marriages modeled for our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends are essential to the success of future marriages and families. Habits observed during the crucial years of development in a child’s life become habits in their own adult lives.

Adore Marriage is produced by Adore Ministries, a South Carolina charitable organization.  It is overseen by a board of directors and administered by an executive director and staff.

Adore Ministries operates primarily on donations from partners who believe in and support our mission.  If interested, you may make an online donation or a prayer pledge.