Christmas Traditions – From Russell and Kristi

Our Travel Tree

Many of you know how often we travel…sometimes we just keep the suitcase at the end of the bed, take out the dirties, wash and return!  The good thing is we, and our kids love it!

One thing that we’ve done in the nearly 20 years we’ve been together is collect Christmas ornaments – from our very first Christmas in 1993 when we were dating to the trip we just took to San Francisco, CA.  One of the

RK Christmas Ornaments

neatest things about this is the time that we come together as a family every year to put up our “Travel Tree.”  We revisit the places in our minds, laughing and reminiscing about all the wonderful, and sometimes crazy, moments we’ve spent together over the years.  It’s truly our favorite part of putting up Christmas decorations.

One of the great advantages of collecting Christmas ornaments is that it gives you something special to  remember about a time you were together as a couple or as a family.  It sets the tone of thankfulness and fun when you come together to remember…times of laughter, times of fun and craziness, times of sweet contentment.

Why not start your “Travel Tree” on your next trip as a couple or family?  Twenty years from now, and every year in between, you’ll be glad you did!


Russell & Kristi Johnson
Worship Leaders and Founders of Adore Marriage
Russell & Kristi Johnson

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