They’ll Have You In Stitches!

Jim and Carol - Acts of Renewal
Jim and Carol will be featured at this years Adore Marriage Weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC

They’ll have you in stitches!
You’ll laugh.  You may cry.  You may see your marriage on stage.  Jim and Carol Shores deliver amazing illustrations of real life.  They travel the country acting out situations while teaching couples through fun and interactive theater.

This year – Jim and Carol will be featured at the Adore Marriage Weekend Getaway in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Russell and Kristi, founders of Adore Marriage, have served with Acts of Renewal at numerous LifeWay marriage events and it’s a dream come true to have them as one of our on-stage personalities.

Here’s a look at their story:

Carol has her Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Jim has his Ph.D in Communications, his Masters in Environmental Engineering and his Bachelors in Theatre.

They'll have you in stitches!
They’ll have you in stitches!

We met while working at the A.D. Players theatre company in Houston. (We were checking each other out in the mirror during a Bible study and inadvertantly our eyes met in the mirror.) We dated 4 years and were married in 1992. Since our relationship with Jesus Christ is the number one priority in our lives, it made a lot of sense to use our talents in doing professional theatre from a Christian world view.

After graduate school we began touring, performing at conferences, colleges and church events. When PBS aired Carol’s show on eating disorders, “A Size 7 Forever”, God used it to start opening doors for our ministry. We pursued the goal of bringing dynamic, professional Christ-centered entertainment to events across the country.

We continue to write all our own material and create programming that we offer as a tool for God to use to reach hearts for him. We now live in Black Mountain, NC, and have two young boys, Zachary and Alexander. So with touring, teaching, child rearing and living…life is very full.

for more information about Jim and Carol visit:

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