Ian and Kim from Wilmington, NC, share their thoughts about Adore Marriage

The Adore Marriage team asked Ian and Kim what they thought of the Adore Marriage weekend and here is what they had to say:

We attended our first ever marriage conference about 6 years ago at  Ridgecrest. Russell and Kristi led worship and facilitated the conference. Our marriage was so impacted, we came back the next year!  We really connected with Russell and Kristi, their love of music and passion for our Lord and Savior. When we found out they were starting their own conference we were super excited!!  Our first experience at Adore Marriage Conference was very nice. The atmosphere was cozy and intimate. We enjoyed dinner and getting to know a few couples at our table, along with reconnecting with Russell and Kristi. We enjoyed our worship sessions and date night (Go Tarheels!). But most of all, Ian and I reconnected as a married couple. We learned new strategies for our marriage. We learned that God designed a man to naturally give respect, when a woman needs love and a woman to give love, when a man needs respect.  We learned about redirecting our minds toward our spouses through the instruction sessions. We are a busy couple with 3 small children, married for 12 years and at times we can lose sight of one another’s needs. We would highly recommend this conference to any married couple, newlywed or not-so newlywed. Even if you feel your marriage couldn’t get any better, yes it can!  Through the intimate atmosphere, group worship sessions, and encouraging instruction you have a sure recipe for RECONNECTION with your mate. Don’t waste anymore time, come see and experience for yourself what God has in store for your marriage.

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